Life @ विश्वKULAM

The day breaks in with a call for morning workout followed by prep and breakfast. Morning assembly is a big event consisting of the recital of Sanskrit, Hindi and English prayers. To ensure the repeated presence of all students on the stage Thought for the day, World for the day and News of the day are presented by the inmates of the house scheduled for the day. Students deliver short speeches and also acquaint the assembly with amazing facts of their choice every day. All students find their turn to appear on the stage in one way or another during the session. The academic activities continue till late in the afternoon followed by hobbies and games.

Anniversaries of great social reformers and national heroes are also celebrated to make the Young-ones conversant with their contribution. Cultural festivals are celebrated at school and sanctity of each function is maintained by giving it a homely touch. The school is secular in character and common ideal and principles of different faiths promoting human values are natured as necessary stimuli for personality development.