The Hindi and English Literary societies conduct a number of activities like Debates, Declamation, Quiz competition, G.K. competition ,Essay writing competition and a host of other literary activities. The Objective of the culture society is to foster creativity among the young ones.

Painting and Music are taught as compulsory subjects in the school. The Hiking club is there mainly to encourage sportsman values among the students. The students are motivated to ensure their participation in hiking and trekking events which are regular features of the विश्वKULAM Life style.

Educational tours to the destinations of historical, cultural and Industrial importance in the world over are organized , preferably during the breaks.

There is common dining hall where food is provided. In breakfast the children would be more often served with sprouts and fruits. The food is wholesome and nutritious. The mess menu is timely revised as per the expert dietician’s opinion.

The Institution has a small pharmacy with well-versed paramedical crew to attend the routine cases.

The Academic year begins in Apr 10th and concluding in the end of March. The Year is divided into 2 major terms apart from the monthly tests:-

1. April to October(1st Term)

2. October to March (Annual Last week)

[Additional For Residential Student]

Airy and modern accommodation

Morning walk and regular exercise

Yoga and Meditation

Compulsory evening classes for all

Joyful town walk at a regular interval

Safe Drinking water

School Building
Class Rooms
Computer Lab
Bus Facilities
School Ground
Yoga Room
Toy Room
Smart Classes
Music Room
Basket Ball Court